Michael Stribling, New Horizons Holidays – David Koch

I was in Sydney with my girlfriend and I thought I’d give Kochie and Mel a visit at Sunrise Headquarters. I woke up in the morning, sprinted from my Darling Harbour hotel room, the salty-sea-winds rushing through my hair and the sounds of Monday morning commuters swiftly brushing past me and a horse-head mask held tight in my arms. Arriving at Sydney CBD,

I pulled the rubber mask over my head and began taking orders from my girlfriend who was watching live in our hotel room – tactfully sprinting into various positions I made sure I was in every camera shot possible while she fed me information through an earpiece hooked up to my phone. I felt like James Bond – wearing a horse mask.

Eventually it came to 9AM, Kochie and Mel were ushered outside by security ready to do their final piece to camera and sign off. Skillfully, I took advantage of this opportunity and wedged my way in between both Kochie and Mel, as they were signing off. Live on breakfast television, Kochie turns to me and says ‘why the long face, mate?’

See the attached picture and even see the video I put together –

The only regret I have is nearly passing out due to lack of breathing holes in that mask – it sure does get hard when you’re running around Sydney CBD like a lunatic for an entire hour wearing a horse head mask, but hey, it was worth it to meet Kochie and the Sunrise gang!