CRUMBS! Friday Jan 30

IF THE Yeti wandering the
streets of Boston during the
recent blizzard was some kind
of corporate hijinks, we still say
well played.
Any veterans of the business
events sector will have their
own tales of surprise guests on
famils or venue launches – BEN,
for instance, heard of an actress
being hired to play an eccentric
hotel guest and an intrusive
medium at one such event.
But we can’t really see the
point in the Yeti gig, so likely
it’s just some awesome soul
who decided to dress as the
Abominable Snowman and take
to the streets of Somerville.
The becostumed individual
has, of course, become a star on
Twitter and in an interview with
ABC News, claimed that he had
been “raised and educated by
the woods”.
Of course, keen Bigfoot
watchers know the majestic
beast would never be so foolish
as to actually engage with
humanity on social media.
NEXT time you host an event
in Singapore make sure you
educate the smokers properly.
Smoking is not a problem
in the island state – however
where the butts go can be.
A man has been fined about
$600 for each of 34 cigarette
butts he tossed out of the
window of a high rise building
over a four day period – a total
of about A$19,000.
The offence was captured on
600 anti-littering surveillance
cameras deployed in the city.