CRUMBS! Friday Mar 20

IF YOU’RE an event organiser looking to get a few more people in the mix for one of your conferences, have you tried inviting random strangers?
We ask, because a Seattle man is all set to fly to Philadelphia to attend the bachelor party, and wedding, of Jeff Minetti, a man he has never met.
Joey DiJulio was mistakenly invited, via email, to the bachelor party and after working out the mistake, watched the message trail for a while before finally letting the groom know of the error this week, Associated Press reported.
However, Minetti figured why not, and invited him to the party anyway, as well as his wedding in May, saying “this is the city of brotherly love,” the publication reported.
With the vast, and capricious, powers of the internet, DiJulio raised enough money for his travel costs (US$1,200), pledging any other money raised would go to the Minetti honeymoon, and was all set to attend both the wedding and the bachelor party, Associated Press reported.
We can only hope everyone actually gets along in the end, and no one asks anyone about living with their brother.