CRUMBS! Mon Jan 5 2015

IMAGINE conferencing on not just a private jet, but the King’s private jet.

We’re not talking about future British royalty either, but Elvis Presley, whose two personal jets are up for auction until 02 Feb through a sealed bid process, Julien’s Auctions has said.

You can’t actually fly the jets, which have been on display for the past 30 years, but one, the Lisa Marie, contains its own conference room, as well as such other trifling interior fit outs as gold faucets, a gold washbasin and a stereo system with 50 speakers – imagine the AV experience!

The other plane is named Hound Dog II, and Graceland operators have said they will not renew the agreement with the planes’ current owners to display them.

The agreement expires at the end of April, so if you’re looking to spend between US$10m and US$15m, according to the Guardian, then get on it.