Crumbs! Monday April 13 2015

Following Jill’s Column about the prevalence of selfies and IHG’s offer of selfie sticks for guests (BEN 11 Feb), comes the news that it’s not just the tourism industry getting in on the photo fun – even NASA has contributed, attaching two GoPro cameras to astronauts Terry Virts and Bary Wilmore.
The footage from early this year includes selfies in space and the rotation of the Earth, shot from the International Space Station, Mashable reports.
For those pondering the possibilities of conferences in the stratosphere (BEN 23 Jul 14), be forewarned that delegates may face all kinds of unforeseen problems – like the inability to have a bit of a cry at that particularly moving key note speech.
NASA posted a video of Commander Chris Hadfield demonstrating the effects of microgravity on tears, which you can view HERE, in response to the Twitter hashtag #astronautproblems, the Telegraph reported.