CRUMBS! Monday Jan 19

ARE you a fan of bodybuilding, Terminator or the vagaries of American politics?

Because if so, you’ll need to get down to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) from 13 to 15 Mar to meet Sarah Connor-hunting Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former Californian governor is attending the Arnold Classic EXPO, a sports festival which has reportedly sold out all the exhibition space in the MCEC.

The expo will feature a super gym, as well as arm wrestling, kung fu festivals and…golf.

Schwarzenegger will be presenting a seminar at said super gym, but no word as to whether it’s acceptable to dress as John Connor and quote Terminator catchphrases at him, although we do note the Arnold Classic Facebook page is promoting the event with bloodied figurines of the T-800 Model standing next to posters of the event.

Hats off to whoever asks Schwarzenegger whether ‘he’ll be back’ for the Arnold Classic 2016