CRUMBS! Wednesday Feb 11

EVER had someone with a name like “Hugh Jarss,” “Amanda Huginkis,” “I.P. Nightly” or “Pat McGroin” register for an event?
Facebook is in hot water with Native Americans, after banning them from using their traditional names to sign up for the social networking service.
It appears you can’t actually register for Facebook with a name like “Kills the Enemy,” “Running Bear” or “Lone Elk” because of the network’s Real Name Policy which stops users signing up using nicknames or pseudonyms.
This aims to ensure that “you always know who you’re connecting with” – somewhat ironic, since Facebook recently removed more than 80m fake accounts in a clear-out.
TEAM-BUILDING will never be the same for conferences held at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.
The property is famous as the setting for Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic horror movie The Shining, in which a deranged Jack Nicholson tries to kill his family with an axe as he chases them through a hedge maze.
That was a fictional location but the owners have just announced the winner of a competition to design a real hedge maze which will be created there during 2015, “giving guests a chance to reimagine the timeless terror of the film,” USA Today said.