CRUMBS! Wednesday Jan 28

IF YOU’VE ever questioned
the fortitude of the Adelaide
Convention Centre’s cake
abilities, prepare to have your
quibbles quashed, as the
Centre mounts a bid for the
world record for the longest
line of cakes, using, of course,
Australian favourite, the
The current world record is
held by BBC Gloucestershire for
Children in Need, with 885.6 m
of 14,396 cupcakes laid out on
the runway at Gloucestershire
Airport in November last year
(pictured, courtesy of the BBC
Gloucestershire Facebook page).
The Australian attempt on 12
Mar would aim to stretch to
one kilometre at 20,000 pieces,
snaking through the Panorama
Ballroom, City Meeting Rooms
and more, the Centre said.
It would be the centrepiece for
the Longest Lamington Lunch,
created to help local charities
raise funds, it said.