Tiger Airways to Coffs Harbour

Tiger Airwaystook to theskies fromSydneyon theirinauguralflightto CoffsHarbouron Friday,passengerstremblingbananaslikegladioli’s for the cameras of theassembled paparazzi.West’s Tiger has beencommandeered as a mascot, B1& B2 representing the bananacapital, and with various airlinepersonnel, airport representativesand media in attendance, theMinister for Tourism and MajorEvents, George Souris welcomedthe commencement of theintrastate NSW service saying,“We have seen a 33% growthin this market and the additionof up to 1800 seats per weekbetween Sydney and CoffsHarbour will deliver significanteconomic returns to the CoffsCoast region”.He was joined by Andrew Fraser,the Member for Coffs Harbourwho said of the new service,“Creating better links betweenregional communities and ourState capital is critical to ensuringthat regional cities like CoffsHarbour can grow and prosper.Tiger Airways commercialdirector Australia, Carly Brear,said, “Tiger will be the only lowfare operator on the Sydney –Coffs Harbour route ad we’reconfident our services will provepopular, stimulated demand andproviding significant tourismand economic benefits to bothdestinations.”Touching down in a flood onsunshine, the invited guests andfare paying passengers fortunateto be on this first flight wereclearly delighted to be part of thismomentous event.Together with Tiger Airways andNovotel Pacific Bay Resort, GlennCaldwell, tourism marketingmanager, Coffs Harbour CityCouncil and his team welcomedguests to a taste of Coffs.It was a weekend that includeda Beach Buggy pickup from CoffsHarbour airport, surf rafting,board riding, sea kayaking, kissingdolphins and seals at DolphinMarine Magic, Segway rides andmemorable meals and massages. Tiger Airways
took to the
skies from
on their
to Coffs
on Friday,
gladioli’s for the cameras of the
assembled paparazzi.
West’s Tiger has been
commandeered as a mascot, B1
& B2 representing the banana
capital, and with various airline
personnel, airport representatives
and media in attendance, the
Minister for Tourism and Major
Events, George Souris welcomed
the commencement of the
intrastate NSW service saying,
“We have seen a 33% growth
in this market and the addition
of up to 1800 seats per week
between Sydney and Coffs
Harbour will deliver significant
economic returns to the Coffs
Coast region”.
He was joined by Andrew Fraser,
the Member for Coffs Harbour
who said of the new service,
“Creating better links between
regional communities and our
State capital is critical to ensuring
that regional cities like Coffs
Harbour can grow and prosper.
Tiger Airways commercial
director Australia, Carly Brear,
said, “Tiger will be the only low
fare operator on the Sydney –
Coffs Harbour route ad we’re
confident our services will prove
popular, stimulated demand and
providing significant tourism
and economic benefits to both
Touching down in a flood on
sunshine, the invited guests and
fare paying passengers fortunate
to be on this first flight were
clearly delighted to be part of this
momentous event.
Together with Tiger Airways and
Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Glenn
Caldwell, tourism marketing
manager, Coffs Harbour City
Council and his team welcomed
guests to a taste of Coffs.
It was a weekend that included
a Beach Buggy pickup from Coffs
Harbour airport, surf rafting,
board riding, sea kayaking, kissing
dolphins and seals at Dolphin
Marine Magic, Segway rides and
memorable meals and massages.